Sunday, December 15, 2013

Commissioned Hunt!

My very first request to find stuff for someone whom actually lost something!

My church does a living nativity play every year, complete with a barnyard full of animals and about 40 actors.  This year, the guy playing Josephus lost his wedding band!

So, the next day I see these people out poking around in the straw and ask them what is up, they tell me and head out to get my machine.

By the time I get back there is another guy there with a White's SL and based on its performance, I sure am glad I never bought one of those!  Low penetration and a great foil machine ...

But, unfortunately, I now learn that I am hunting a titanium wedding ring.  Dang!  On my MXT, I can spot titanium but it is really sketchy doing so.  It falls between iron and foil, noise is scratchy and it is just had to detect!

After SL guy left I was free to do a sweep of the entire area and then learned why I was finding nothing.  Someone had been flinging the straw with shovels in hopes of finding the ring!  Behind the straw is this brushy hillside, heavily littered with trash and yeah, if that is where it is, it never will be found ...

So my first commission request and an utter failure.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Metal Detecting

One of the older men in my church has been fascinated by the idea of metal detecting and has been asking me about it for years.  I guess his father used to do this as well but back in the stone age of metal detecting!  This spring he decided he wanted to learn more and actually do it.

So, I have been teaching him and he is going very well!

He is using my first machine, a Bounty Hunter and does very well with it!  Always amazes me at how when someone is not tone deaf, they can actually find stuff with that machine.  Pretty much all I find are nails with it!  sigh.....

We are going out about one day a week, sometimes two, introducing him to the areas you can hunt, different types of trash you will find and what are good metal detecting behaviors.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You Know.....

You know you are excited when you leave without your machines!

You know it was still a fun hunt when all you found was a marble in the middle of a 6" tree.  Long story.

You know it was fun when you could not find that historical site you have found dozens of times before only this time with a friend - it disappeared!

You know it was a fun hunt when you find what appear to be 1950's radar parts, and wonder if there was a plane crash where you are working ..... ?

You know it was fun because you hunting buddy had a good time finding beer cans, screw caps and pull tabs, just like you!  Oh and let us not forget the wire and nails!

You know it was fun when you friends asks how soon can we do this again .....

Monday, June 3, 2013

Still At It!

Well, physical therapy for a broken knee in a car accident, turned out to be a really bad idea.  It led to a series of seven heart attacks and getting two stents inserted into one artery - however two other remain block but the doctors can do nothing more until the heart can stabilize.  So doctor can now prove what my 7th grade music teacher accused me of - I just got no rhythm!

But, I am still doing short hunts with some great results you can see below on my find list.  Nothing like 2011 but I am not complaining!  I still am excited by nails!

A week of beautiful weather and you know where I will be for the whole of this week - in short 30 minute burst!

Good hunting!

Oh yeah, these sparkly nummies were just laying on the ground!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Getting Ready!

Well, 2012 was one year lost for the books!  Compound fractures to the left foot, broken right ankle, a series of minor heart attacks and then one to plop me on my butt for an entire month.  Sigh.  And I lost a daughter.

But, we are getting stronger, lighter and in physical therapy with every intent of being in the field as soon as the rains stop!

So, here is to an adventurous year and some great finds (to help pay those medical bills!).

Saturday, August 4, 2012


As if it is not bad enough having to recover from the twin heart attacks, I managed to rebreak my left big toe again!  So much for doing something restful, like go to a woodstore and look at wood!  Yeah, dropped a chunk right on my foot.....


Saturday, July 28, 2012


Twin heart attacks that is!  They were both minor but sort of knocked the socks off me!

So, officially in recovery - and now off my feet as I broke my left big toe again!  I swear I can't even look at a piece of wood without breaking something!